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IP Subnet Calculator - Iphone and Ipad

IpSubnetCalcIcon Free universal easy to use IP Subnet calculator as well as CIDR calculator for classless supernetting. Features include Wildcard mask, IPv6 6to4 translations, Host per Subnet, Number of Subnets. Ipad version includes your local IP address as well as your MAC address. I decided to try my hand at IOS app development just to see if I could do it. It started out to be a bit difficult, but became easier as progressed. I thought I should start with something I know which turned out to be a utility app for IP subnet calculations. I know there is many apps out there already for subnet calculators, but I needed to start somewhere. The hard part for me was making it universal. Meaning for Iphone subnet calc and Ipad subnet calc without re-writing a bunch of code. I know it's not the best app out there, but I wanted a simple IP subnet calc I could use everyday for my job. It took me 3 months to finish this during nights and weekends. I went ahead and added a CIDR calculator as well. Both have Wildcard Mask, Number of Host, Number of Subnets, IPv6 6to4 translation (read support section for more info). I decided to make this free with limited support so I can focus on new projects. Maybe a Game? Though I'm horrible with Art. Will see...


Web Design

BurnsNurserylogoBy no means am I a great web designer, but I do help my friends out when they are in need. I decided to try my first website to see if I could do it. I ended up using Dreamweaver and really like the layout and functionality it provides. Now I'm learning HTML 5. If you need a basic cheap website shoot me a email.

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